Paper Sculpture

When is paper not just something you use to write on? When you create geeky sculptures with the material. We’ve rounded up three of the world’s geekiest paper sculptures for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Audi A7

Similar to these StarCraft sculptures, this 2012 Audi A7 was also made from paper. Yes, the “car was created out of 750 unique parts; each part was printed and assembled using reference photography and A7 blueprints.”


2. Samus Aran

Standing 6-foot 10-inches tall, this massive Samus Aran sculpture — based on the character from Metroid Prime 2 — took 7-months to complete and is comprised entirely of paper and glue. Hopefully, the next version will add some color, but as it stands, this is very impressive to say the least.


1. Gundam

Graphic designer Taras Lesko wasn’t able to create a life-sized Gundam robot, so he did the next best thing, build a 7-foot tall model with paper. It weighs 10-pounds, consists of 1250-parts, and took 720-pages of paper.

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