Photo credit: Reddit

You haven’t seen a superhero wedding, until you’ve seen this one between Seth and Lara. According to the original poster, “the wedding was less than $16,000 for 400 attending guests [and] both the bride and groom are designers from very talented families.” Continue reading for more.

We also served carnival food for $3 per person (hotdogs, cotton candy, CJ’s turkey legs, grilled corn, and barbecue) whereas wedding catering is often 25-75 per person; and we bought kegs and wine by the bottle and hired a service so we could return all the unopened wine the next day (instead of paying a high per head price for an open bar). My mother-in-law and I also made the bridesmaids dresses ourselves. Plus the venue threw the food cart, the inflables, the carriage, and the pony rides in for only $100 because it was the coolest wedding he ever worked with.