3D-Printed Homes Austin
Construction technology company ICON is currently 3D-printing homes for the homeless in Austin, Texas using its Vulcan II 3D printer. This machine is used to print the frames of these homes and then humans install the windows, doors as well as roofing. Each one takes around 48 hours to fabriate at a cost of just $10,000 USD. They’re also exploring low-cost homes in Latin America for families that live on less than $200 a month. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Austin development will eventually comprise of over 500 homes spanning 51 acres, and Phase II is set to add a six 3D-printed homes to the neighborhood, with all of them will breaking ground before year’s end. ICON has already completed a 500-square-foot welcome center for the village, which was printed in just 27 hours over several days.