3D Printing Glass Sculpture
ETH Zurich researchers have developed a new technique to create complex glass objects with 3D printing. It’s based on stereolithography, one of the first 3D printing techniques developed during the 1980s. David Moore, Lorenzo Barbera, and Kunal Masania in the Complex Materials group led by ETH processor André Studart needed to create a special resin that contains a plastic, and organic molecules to which glass precursors are bonded to make this possible. Read more for a video and additional information.

This special resin can be processed using commercially available Digital Light Processing technology, which involves irradiating the resin with UV light patterns. Wherever the light strikes, the resin hardens because the light sensitive components of the polymer resin cross link at the exposed points, thus meaning an object can be built up layer by layer.

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We discovered that by accident, but we can use this to directly influence the pore size of the printed object,” said Masania.


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