Photo credit: Business Insider

3DHEAD hopes to give Facebook’s Oculus a run for its money, but the reactions it’s been getting at CES 2015 haven’t been very positive to say the least. With a Space Balls Dark Helmet-inspired design, this device is basically a plastic 3D display held 10 inches from your face. The main component of this system is a 7-inch tablet with a glasses-free 3D screen that can be clipped into a gray gamepad. Expect to shell out $999 for the headset itself or double that for a combo package with the controller. Continue reading for a video live from CES 2015 and more information.

“Oculus Rift images (and those of most other headsets) look big and 3D because the screen is very close to your eyes, it’s split to create stereoscopic depth, and it’s magnified with a pair of lenses. The 3DHead’s images are 3D because you’re still looking at a 3D tablet, except now it’s suspended in front of you and uses head tracking,” says The Verge.

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