What do you do when you don’t have access to a theme park? You bring the theme park home of course. These clever thrill seekers did just that by building fully-functional roller coasters at home. Continue reading to see five amazing examples.

1. Track Star

Located on a 10-acre plot southwest of Oklahoma City, Jeremy Reid built an incredible roller coaster in the backyard of his parents’ home. It cost Reid $10,000 to build and features a 16-foot drop that propels riders — friends and family — to speeds in excess of 15mph.

2. Blue Flash

John Ivers was tired of waiting in long lines at the amusement parks for roller coasters, so he built Blue Flash in his backyard. Besides being fully-operational and safe to ride, it boast a 360-degree loop as well as a lift.

3. Speeder

This homemade roller coaster — sent in by reader Mark — could quite possibly be the fastest one we’ve seen yet, and it even has banked turns to keep things safe at high speeds. Unfortunately, there are no loops or inversions…in this version.

4. Exscream

While some kids are out playing, “coasterdude” decided to design and build a roller coaster in his very own backyard. Sure, it may not look like much, but enjoying the fruits of your labor sure beats paying $40-plus for a theme park pass.

5. Blue Too

File this under: homemade roller coasters that provide backyard thrills. John Ivers, creator of the famed Blue Flash, unveils his latest backyard coaster, the Blue Too. Aimed at the younger crowd (kids mainly), Blue Too is essentially a mini version of its predecessor, sans the inversion.

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