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Now that you’ve seen some of the coolest Vimeo PRO features, it’s only fitting that we show off some of the service’s top users. Just to recap some of the features, you’ll get priority when uploading video content, and this is crucial if your video is time-sensitive (news, film premiere date, etc.). Next, there PRO users have the ability to embed un-branded videos on their site. Yes, you have absolute control over how the player looks to ensure that it fits perfectly with your site. Save 15% on Vimeo PRO – Just use PROMOCODE: TECHE15PRO. Offer Ends 12/31. Make sure you sign up here. Continue reading to see five stunning videos from PRO users that have been awarded “Staff Picks”, which have all been hand-picked by employees who work at the company.

5. Laura Marling

There is no limit to what you can upload, and this short film is a shining example. “Inspired by Laura Marling’s album artwork and the epic, psychedelic landscapes of Jodorowsky, the film follows a galloping horse as it travels through an ever-changing landscape that rolls and fluctuates with the pace of the song.”

4. Shelter Island

From filmmaker and Vimeo PRO user Jared Rosenthal, Shelter Island was shot with a Blackmagic pocket camera (ProRES), Nikon lenses (14, 35, 85) and a Nikon 45mm tilt shift lens – CMR Blackbird was also used for some stabilization. If you’re a film geek, this short was graded with FilmConvert, and the accompanying theme by Daniel Hart.

3. Beatles

Think of Beatles from Vimeo PRO user Alberto Mielgo as a music video of sorts, showcasing many well-known locations in England, including the famed Abbey Road. The art style is 2D meets real-life backgrounds. He says: “Some time ago I was asked to Art Direct the very first half of a video game that will become a great success. Here some of the Art that I created for it, and here, the final video.”

2. Croissant Man

Written and directed by filmmaker / Vimeo PRO user Tulica Singh, the premise of Croissant Man is simple: “Croissant searches for Donut without the support of the Pastry Police Precinct. Donut finds him first. Pain Au Chocolat seeks out her lost love Churrita, but is disappointed.” This short film is simple, yet effective, making use of real-life objects (hands, etc.) mixed with toys.

1. Panda Bear

When beautiful animation meets unique storytelling, you get Panda Bear by Vimeo PRO user Encyclopedia Pictura. This short film “is the story of a young woman out for a hike along a coastal tide pool. Her encounter with a sea anemone triggers a phantasmagorical reaction. She meets a man who seems to be in a similar predicament, and together they start a family of sorts.”

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