Jet Engines Tank Fire

Believe it or not, extreme fires, call for extreme measures, and in this case, it meant that Hungarian engineers needed to use a decommissioned Russian tank combined with the jets from a MiG-21 fighter jet. It’s officially called the Big Wind, and can blow powerful shots of water to stop oil fires in an instant. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The MiG-21 was the first successful Soviet aircraft combining fighter and interceptor characteristics in a single aircraft. It was a lightweight fighter, achieving Mach 2 with a relatively low-powered afterburning turbojet, and is thus comparable to the American Lockheed F-104 Starfighter and Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter and the French Dassault Mirage III. Its basic layout was used for numerous other Soviet designs; delta-winged aircraft included Su-9 interceptor and the fast E-150 prototype from MiG bureau while the mass-produced successful front fighter Su-7 and Mikoyan’s I-75 experimental interceptor combined a similar fuselage shape with swept-back wings.


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