In the future, humans may not need to step onto the battlefield at all, thanks to weaponized robots that range from simple sentry guns to machine gun-equipped quadrotors. We’ve rounded up five awesome examples for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

4. Mega Hurtz

The Mega Hurtz by Chris Rogers just might be the world’s coolest tactical robot. Featuring “a tactical weapons system with laser targeting and IR night vision — you can control the entire thing remotely using a set of VR goggles.” It is an seriously amped-up robotic vehicle, with enough torque to pull a 4700 pound Hummer H3. It’s designed for handling dangerous situations too hostile or difficult for humans to handle.

4. Mayekawa HAMDAS-R

Developed by Mayekawa Manufacturing, the HAMDAS-R fortunately does more than just look creepy, it’s capable of de-boning up to 500 hams per hour. Until now, boning 500 hams per hour required 20 people. But using HAMDAS-R, only 10 people are needed. The robot’s consistent processing capability also makes production planning easier.

3. Airsoft Sentry

Built and programmed by Bob Rudolph, this awesome robotic sentry gun was designed to locate intruders, determine their path, and then fire at them. In other words, “the sentry gun picks up its target using a webcam attached to its tripod, which a laptop translates into movements for the servo motor controlled gun; once the target is in range, it’s blammo from gun pelting you with paintballs or AirSoft pellets.”

2. Machine Gun Quadrotor

YouTube sensation “FPSRussia” has just released his latest video, and it’s definitely no slouch. In this installment, he has installed a machine gun on a flying quadrotor robot. We wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up in the next Mission Impossible movie.

1. Metal Storm

The mother of all weaponized robots has arrived, and it comes from Metal Storm. That’s right, “Metal Storm has created a 36-barreled stacked projectile machine gun, boasting the highest rate of fire in the world. The prototype weapon demonstrated a firing rate of just over 1 million rounds per minute for a 180-round burst, with a claimed maximum rate of fire of 1.62 million RPM (i.e., 45,000 RPM for each barrel).”

Honorable Mention – Paintball Sentry Gun

What do you get when you combine a paintball gun, laptop, and custom software? In this case, an autonomous, self-targeting paintball sentry gun that’s able to shoot down targets without user input. It may not be powerful enough to actually hurt an intruder, but they’ll be startled nonetheless.

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