If you’re a bachelor, and have money burning a hole in your pocket, here are five awesome homes that should provide plenty of inspiration should you be having a mid-life crisis or worse. They range from industrial-inspired designs to much more extravagant abodes. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Industrial

Terra E Tuma Architects in Brazil created an amazing bachelor-esque style residence in Sao Paulo, called the Maracana House. The outdoor natural elements are brought in through the vast open spaces, and the interior architectural details are comprised of open and airy urban details. The exterior features an Alexandre Mancini original ceramic artwork suspended from the upper level, just to preface the overall mood of the home once indoors.

4. Beverly Hills

Located in Beverly Hills, California, this $7 Million dollar abode is an expansive piece of architecture outfitted with amazing finishes and appliances.Sitting at 5,868 square feet this home is covered in porcelain tile and Brazilian hardwood with beam accents and an indoor/outdoor floor plan that is built to entertain. It’s got a Lutron smart system and integrated sound system; perfect for the bachelor’s Los Angeles lifestyle.

3. Lai

PMK+Designers created an interesting open floor plan for a couple in the Taiwan location of Kaohsiung City. Named the Lai Residence, this home has raw metals, natural wood, glass, and concrete throughout – with an exposed brick masonry wall spanning one whole side. The lower level is framed by an upper mezzanine that surrounds its first floor counterpart with a partially enclosed master bedroom. A beautiful retreat within the city.

2. Italian Design

Italian design has typically been known to have some of the cleanest lines and interesting interiors from thinking outside of the box in many ways. The Turin Loft by MG2 Architetture embodies all of this with some unexpected color combinations and an eclectic mixture of nature thrown in to the transition from the kitchen to the terrace.Totaling just over 2100 square feet of interior space, this bachelor style loft combines a toned down turquoise paint color combined with concrete, black, red and lucite furnishings.

1. 44 Belvedere

Though this home seems much too large to be an exquisite bachelor pad, Guido Costantino Design Office certainly doesn’t skip a beat with their continuity between the exterior and interior of their homes. The 44 Belvedere Residence is located in Ontario, Canada, and it is a super contemporary dark structure on the outside whilst still remaining light and bright on the interior.