Golf carts can be used for more than just riding around the green, and these five custom creations prove it. They range from Christopher Nolan’s personal Tumbler cart (above) to a Porsche-inspired model. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Porsche Cayenne

Think of this cart as a mini Porsche Cayenne, “albeit at a scale of 1:2; measuring 106.3 inches (2.7 meters) in length and 49.2 inches (1.25 meters) in width, this new golf car comes with an exact rendition to the last detail of the Cayenne’s engine compartment lid, front wheel arches, headlights, front fascia, and 20-inch wheels.”


4. Hummer H2

While the life-sized Hummer H2 can hold up to 6 passengers, this custom golf cart is two seats shy. However, it is golf course-legal and boasts a nice canopy for those warm summer days on the course. Hopefully, General Motors does produce a miniature, street-legal Hummer H2 sooner than later.


3. Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach – produced from 1974-1990 – is a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive beast that pioneered and popularized the wedge shape look and cabin-forward design concept. Now, interested parties can purchase a smaller version of this supercar in golf cart form.


2. Enzo Ferrari

This custom Enzo Ferrari golf cart may not be as fast as its real-life counterpart, but it “boasts an electric motor with a top speed of 20mph, or approximately 9% of the maximum velocity of the real thing.” That’s not all, a stretch 6-person version is currently in the works.


1. Tumbler

Spotted on the Warner Bros. studio lot, this custom Batman Tumbler golf cart is purported to be Christopher Nolan’s main mode of transportation when he’s at work. Let’s just say it’s by far the coolest golf cart we’ve ever seen – now if only its makers could build a Batpod version to complement it.


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