When is a remote controlled car not just something you use purely for entertainment? When you’re actually controlling a full-size car, rather than a miniature toy. We’ve rounded up five awesome full-size remote controlled cars for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see more.

5. BYD

This is the successor to the China-manufactured car, the BYD F3, and it comes with a nifty option that allows owners to use a remote control to drive the vehicle. Two caveats: you can only drive it at 2 km/h and the remote must be within 33-feet.

4. Compact Car

This may not be the flashiest nor most powerful of cars, but what better way to spend a weekend than by driving a full-sized car around with a remote control? These geeks do just that and in an open field.

3. 1982 Toyota Corolla

This group of guys are all off-road truck / pre-runner fabricators. So, they decided transform an old 1982 Toyota Corolla with an obscene amount of miles into a full-on remote controlled car. They took it out to the desert and take it for a spin.

2. Hummer H3

To create your own remote-controlled Hummer H3, you’ll need a specially made control system that features a compressed air system for the brakes, steering wheel / throttle controller, and gear changer.

1. Gear Crew

This feature wouldn’t be complete without topping the list off with a Top Gear clip. The gang participates in a friendly full-size remote controlled car competition, complete with plenty of obstacles and more than enough destruction.

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