Modular Laptop

How nice would it be if all laptops were modular? In other words, swapping out the processor, RAM, and even display would only require you purchase that single part, pop out the old component, and screw in the new one. These modular laptops would probably reinvigorate a slowly dying PC modding scene with lots of custom hacks. For example, the Fujitsu Lifebook you see above has removable parts that can also be used on their own. Continue reading for more.

5. House Arc

Designed by Bellomo Architects, House Arc is basically a modular, prefabricated housing solution that is easily packed and moved to any location. You can either build one-unit or link several together to create a community of sorts. Assembling the Arc is like building IKEA furniture, as an easy-to-follow, graphic installation manual is included with each unit. Once complete, you’ll have 150 square-feet to work with, weighing in at just 3,000-pounds. Featuring large windows for natural light to flow in and photovoltaic solar panels.

4. Soul Box

Everyone needs some time away from the daily grind, and that’s exactly what the Soul Box is for. Created by design studio Allergutendinge, this modular, 2-level cabin was created to be a transportable base station, complete with dining area located on the main floor and a living space on the second deck. To save space, a bed was built right in between the 2 floors. Fancy star gazing? The top living space turns into a rooftop deck in minutes.

3. Klepper Backyack

Klepper Backyack is no ordinary kayak, this modular invention is also a sailboat, snow sled and even a floating sun deck. Made from carbon fiber, the Backyak consists of six-pieces that down into two separate 22-lb (10-kg), drum-shaped backpack you strap to the shoulders of two paddlers by way of the attachable harnesses. There’s also a “Relax” configuration that transforms the two kayaks into hulls strapped together by a bathing platform for paddling, floating and sunbathing on calm waters – throw on the sail to turns it into a catamaran sailboat. Prices range from €5,000 – €11,000.

3. BLOCKS Modular SmartWatch

Sure, the Apple Watch is only a couple months away, but it just might have some competition, thanks to BLOCKS. This modular smartwatch lets users pick and choose the components that will make up their new device. Simply organize the components you need, snap them together, and you’re ready to go. Upgrading BLOCKS is as simple as popping out the old components and swapping int he new. Possible configurations include one with a GPS radio, touchscreen, 2-GHz processor, 10.0-megapixel camera, and a SIM card. It’s set to hit stores in mid-2015.

1. Phonebloks

Competition is always good for the market, right? Phonebloks by Dave Hakkens from The Netherlands aims to do just that once / if it hits stores, going head-to-head with Google’s Project Ara. Every component on this handset can be swapped out, similar to BLOCKS. To build the handset, just choose a display panel, battery pack, memory module, camera module, etc. Each of these bloks are attached to the base via pins – two screws holding everything in place.


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