So, you’ve learned all about the Japanese Yakuza, now it’s time for a lighter look at some of the bizarre, yet real, inventions that have come from the “Land of the Rising Sun”, which by the way refers to the characters that make up Japan’s name mean “sun-origin”. To start things off, we have a Coca-Cola-themed vending machine dress. Continue reading for more.

5. Vending Machine Dress

Believe it or not, a Japanese designer has unveiled a real dress that doubles as a disguise, unfolding to look like the front of a vending machine. It may look decidedly silly, but Aya Tsukioka’s idea has a serious aim. Miss Tsukioka, 31, says she hopes it will help ease women’s fear of crime and discourage would-be attackers.

4. Kiss Transmission Device

The Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications is conducting research into tactile communications, with the aim of creating a device which can effectively transmit the feeling of a kiss. “This device is for communications within the mouth, in other words, the goal is to obtain the feeling of kissing,” says one of the researchers. The position information values can also be recorded, and the kiss information for different individuals can be freely replayed.

3. Air Conditioned Shirt

Air-conditioned shirts are now a reality. If you work in hot conditions, don’t sweat it out any more. Kufukucho has come up with an ingenious solution. The Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt! Powered by simple household batteries in a control box, you just need to connect the fans to the slow on the back of the shirt, and then hook up the cable.

2. Fake Lap Pillow

Lap pillows have been taken to the next level by Japanese designers who are thinking outside the box. Resembling the “lap” of a woman, complete with red skirt, this takes you right back to that blissful period of nurture, when someone was watching over your every move. The legs this time are foam, thus making for a more comfortable experience. A great gift for guys, for bachelor parties and more.

1. Dental Training Android Robot

Showa University researchers have unveiled Showa Hanako 2, a dental robot patient manufactured by robot maker Tmsuk. Unlike its predecessor, this robot is designed to be more realistic, functional, and easier to use. The new eatures include a silicone skin and mouth lining by Orient Industry, tongue, arms, and joints with overall ten degrees of freedom, enabling it to make natural movements.


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