Why carry around five gadgets when you only need one? These all-in-one devices range from a “washing, drying, ironing machine” to the “Quanext”.

Washing, Drying, Ironing Machine

Designed by Oliver Blackwell, the “WashDryIron” is an all-in-one machine that can handle up to 16 items at once. All the washing, drying, and ironing take place in seperate compartments with each piece on hangers to prevent creases. Mr. Blackwell expects his machine to sell for $1,389 – $1,562 when it’s released.

“There’s been a huge amount of interest shown in my design, but what I really need next is for a major manufacturer to get involved with some investment to develop it further.”


All-in-One Breakfast Machine

This all-in-one breakfast machine sports a toaster, coffee maker, and stove for maximum convenience.

Incorporating a toaster, a coffee maker, and a hotplate, it delivers a full breakfast without the hassle of having a separate toaster, coffee maker, and hotplate. As long as all you want are eggs, toast, and coffee, it’s the only appliance you’ll ever need. If only it could print messages on the toast as well



Hong Kong-based Quataris will soon release a 19-inch LCD TV that runs on a modified version of SUSE Linux. The QuaNext features an Intel processor, up to 2GB of DDR memory, 220GB hard drive, CD/DVD combo drive, and 1,440 x 990 resolution. It’s basically a DVD player, computer, and LCD television, all-in-one.

“The device can switch between a PC and a TV using the remote control and would be ideal for the living room, bedroom or kitchen where a separate PC may not be easily accommodated.”


Ruf-Cinema: The All-in-One “Multimedia” Bed

Put simpy, Ruf-Cinema is a futuristic-looking bed that comes equipped with a built-in projector, display, and shelves for all your multimedia goodies — TiVO, DVD player, etc. More information here. Two caveats:

The projector sits on shelf in the middle of the headboard, which splits the bed up and makes it so you can not sit in the middle to watch movies. Furthermore, having the projector there would put a loud, whirring fan right next to your head. Also, there are no built-in speakers, so you’ll still need to go set that up

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Me-Mo: The All-in-One Modular Phone

Me-Mo is basically a modular gadget that “takes a large cellphone and breaks it into multiple modular parts—meaning the keyboard, screen, phone, MP3 player, GPS, and camera can be taken off if a user doesn’t have use for it.”

The parts can be easily reattached with “jacket buttons” (yeah, we’re not sure about that one), and the cellphone should be able to detect which pieces are there and adjust accordingly

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