With so many employees and offices worldwide, it’s no surprise that Google is still on the cutting edge of April Fools’ Day pranks. In addition to their endless supply of talented engineers and designers, they have access to just about any piece of technology required to create elaborate, yet fake, products / demo videos / etc. Continue reading to see five from this year’s selection.

5. Pokemon Challenge

We featured this prank, not once, but twice, yesterday, so it’s only fitting that we kick off this list with Google’s Pokemon Challenge. Just to recap, there are supposedly 151 Pokemon characters scattered throughout the Google Maps mobile apps, and it’s up to you to find them. Best of all, those who complete the ask may get a shot at working for the famed company, featured in such movies as “The Internship”.

4. Emojify

What if there was a way to easily translate all the emojis that you see online? Meet Emojify for Google Chrome. With this tool, you’ll be able to read all your favorite web content using efficient and emotive illustrations on your phone and tablet. To view webpages in Emoji mobile device, just download the latest version of Chrome from the Play Store or App Store and then tap the menu icon, select the “Translate to Emoji” option, and you’ll bet set to go.

3. WazeDates

Startup geeks know that Google acquired the social GPS application, Waze, in 2013 for a whopping $1.3-billion, but now there’s a spinoff called WazeDates. According to the company, it “uses the same crowdsourcing technology designed to help drivers around the world outsmart traffic, while creating a new space for people to meet and fall in love.”

2. Nest + Virgin America

Frequent air travelers probably already know that it’s either too cold or too hot on board planes, but Nest + Virgin America aim to change that. Introducing Total Temperature Control (TTC), “which allows travelers to create their own personal climate controlled environment thanks to Nest thermostats built into the Red in-flight platform – the touch-screen personal seatback system already onboard all of Virgin America’s aircraft. The breakthrough technology includes the development of adiabatic air curtains around each guest’s seat that make climatic destination variation possible.

1. Google Magic Hand

Always wished that you had a “magic hand” that would enable to you perform simple tasks on your tablet even more inefficiently? Then look no further than Google’s “Magic Hand”. According to Google Japan, “Once you have set in front of this device a smartphone on hand, just hold the lever afterward. Instead of you, magic hand takes care of operating the smartphone. Problem of the touch panel of the past, I can solve all. Operability of comfortable buttons and levers, will make for some of the space further, the mobile life of you.”

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