Vimeo PRO Review

Whether if you’re a professional filmmaker or a hobbyist, Vimeo PRO offers the tools you need to showcase your work on an elegant and robust, yet easy-to-use platform. Upload your best work without any of the restrictions on quality. In addition to the extremely fast VIP support with actual human representatives (1-hour response around the clock on business days), creators do not have bandwidth caps or time limits on their videos, ensuring your video(s) stay up if they do go viral online. You’ll also enjoy faster video conversion, absolutely no video time limits and detailed reporting. This means you could even upload a full-length feature film (1,000GB storage per year or 20GB per week) and offer unlimited HD plays, all for $199 per year. Upgrade as needed, just go into “Settings” and become a Vimeo PRO member if / when the extra features are needed. Continue reading for more cool things you can do with Vimeo PRO. We have a special promo code for our readers: Save 15% by using TECHE15PRO(Offer Ends 12/31 – New subscribers only.)

Before we dive into the features, here’s one important thing you should know: Vimeo PRO is completely ad-free. That’s right, no ads will be integrated into your video(s) either pre, mid, or post roll, though members are allowed you place their own ads wherever they like, but will this will require editing software for integration.

5. Private Mode

Vimeo PRO Private Mode

Created a website for your business or film studio? Vimeo PRO members have the option of keeping their profile and / or videos from appearing on the site. This means that you can still embed branded / non-branded videos onto your own website or other places on the internet and PRO Portofolios.

4. PRO Portfolios

Vimeo Pro Portfolio

Similar to the unlimited HD plays for PRO members, you can also create unlimited Portfolios. These Portfolios are basically fully customizable websites, without any Vimeo branding, that allow creators to change around any CSS code. Arranging your videos is as easy as dragging and dropping – up to 100 videos. The coolest personalization feature is the ability to use your own domain name in just three easy steps. Alternatively, if you already have a website, creating a sub-domain on it is just as easy – http:// portfolio*.*mydomain*.*com.

3. Video Review Pages

Vimeo PRO Review Page

If you don’t have a website, but still want a separate place to showcase your work, semi-private and unlisted “Video Review Pages” can be created just for your clips. What makes these pages special is that they are free of any Vimeo branding and allow for anonymous comments, which means users are able to leave feedback regardless if they are members of the site or not. However, all metrics can be viewed on your Advanced Stats page. Need a better way to organize your videos? “Albums” should do the trick.

2. Albums

Vimeo Albums

The “Albums” function for PRO users is perfect for organizing related clips into sets, but not just your own. For example, if you recently shot several videos on wingsuit flying, simply create an “Wingsuit” album and then any other relevant Vimeo clips you come across can be added to this album. Best of all, you’re able to share these albums with whomever you choose.

1. Vimeo On Demand

Vimeo On Demand

Thinking of creating a short film, web series, or just interesting vlogs documenting your travels? Vimeo On Demand lets PRO users the power to sell their work directly to their audience. Other networks might offer similar distribution deals, but On Demand lets creators personalize their page however they like. Also, the 90 / 10 revenue split (after transaction fees) ensures that you get compensated fairly for your work, and Vimeo even covers all of the delivery costs. You�re not limiting to selling your work on just Vimeo, but rather anywhere you want (starting at $.99). Watch the videos online or mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and connected televisions, all in HD.

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