World's Deepest Fish

A new record has been set for the deepest fish ever seen in the world, captured at an incredible depth of 26,722 feet (8,145 meters) in the Mariana Trench. The snailfish isn’t like the creepy creatures you’ve seen before, with the dark eyes and giant teeth, but they do have large heads, small eyes, and are normally slightly larger than a human hand in length. Dr Alan Jamieson, from Aberdeen University said: “This really deep fish did not look like anything we had seen before, nor does it look like anything we know of. It is unbelievably fragile, with large wing-like fins and a head resembling a cartoon dog.” Continue reading for the video and more information.

“The footage was captured by a team of Scottish scientists from the University of Aberdeen during their 30-day expedition using the Hadal-Lander ocean vehicle. Along with the new species of snailfish, researchers filmed several other rarely seen creatures. That includes so-called supergiant amphipods, crustaceans that can measure a foot or more in length and are often referred to as the ‘insects of the sea,'” reports Business Insider.


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