Google Smart Contact Lens

Google may have quietly killed off its Glass Explorer program to work on smart contacts. Who really wants to wear a strange-looking headset, when they could just slip on a single contact. Google says the first version of their “Smart Contact Lens” lets diabetics measure their glucose levels through their tears, using a miniscule electronic chip and antenna to read blood sugar levels. Once the technology becomes readily available, these lenses could be used to display a lot more information. Continue reading for more.

5. Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedal aims to thwart thieves, using its built-in GPS to send alerts to smartphones when your bicycle is moved, pinpointing its exact location. While the pedal is easily installed, it’s nearly impossible to take off, since a proprietary key is required to unlock it. The pedal also tracks your speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each trip.

4. BlueSmart Smart Luggage

Why would one need smart luggage? Well, Bluesmart seamlessly connects your smartphone to the suitcase, allowing one to lock their suitcase at will. Plus, there’s also proximity sensors for location tracking, an integrated digital scale, trip tracking info from miles traveled to airports visited, and even a built-in battery to charge your gadgets.

3. Haven Smart Lock

At $269, Haven – measuring just 0.8-inches tall – is installed at the base of your door, using the house as the platform to secure the door. Torque servo motors are built-in to ensure that your door stays tightly closed. It works remotely using your smartphone and features Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connectivity, a backup battery, as well as a manual release for emergencies. The built-in accelerometer detects forced entry attempts and alerts the homeowner.

2. Marbel Smart Electric Skateboard

Touted as the “lightest luxury vehicle in the world,” the Marbel weighs in at a svelte 9.9-pounds, reaches speeds up to 20 mph, complete with a 10-mile range on a single charge. You can customize settings, like top speed, acceleration level, and even throttle, with an app on your iOS / Android smartphone. There are no unsightly wires because all of the technology is built directly into the board’s carbon fiber and Kevlar deck.

1. Armatix IP1 Smart Pistol

It was only a matter of time before a gun manufacturer unveiled the world’s first smart pistol, and the Armatix IP1 Smart Pistol is definitely no slouch. This .22-caliber pistol will only fire from its owner’s hands when matched up with the RFID-enabled watch. When the gun is placed near the watch, its internal safety mechanism releases and only then, will it be ready to fire. One caveat: the $399 watch is sold separately and requires a PIN number for activation.

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