Our editors have compiled a list of five cool things you can make from old floppy disks. If you have any other projects, please leave us a comment. Continue reading for the list.

3.5-inch Floppy Disk Sculpture

George Hart created this unique 3.5-inch floppy disk sculpture, which consists of “an assemblage of thirty 3.5 inch floppy diskettes, slotted and slid into each other gluelessly, embodying a precise five-color pattern”.

Each diskette is penetrated by diskettes of the other four colors. Twelve five-sided openings are each bordered by the five different colors in a different cyclic order. The six of any one color are arranged in the form of an exploded cube. For any choice of three different colors, there is one point where all three touch in a clockwise order; at the opposite point, they touch in a counterclockwise order


DIY Floppy Disk Bag

Now here’s a nifty DIY project that makes good use of all those 3.5-inch floppy disks you have laying around. To make your own, you’ll need a “drill, 1/8” drill bit, pliers, floppy disks (CRUCIAL), links (bits of chain from your local bead store), nails, a plank o’ wood, and a pen. Full instructions here. [Source]

Make the U.S.S. Enterprise From a Floppy Disk

Andy shows us how to make the U.S.S. Enterprise from an old floppy disk. If you have any other related tips, please leave us a comment. Full instructions.

Floppy disks are a thing of the past. However, that doesn’t mean you have to toss them in a garbage can. Pay a tribute to another thing of the past (or, the future?)–The Starship Enterprise–and you can reminisce and recycle at the same time


Floppy Disk Space Invaders Art

Why note create gaming artwork from old floppy disks? Up-close shot.

Another idea to recycle old 5″25 floppys. Looks awesome in my living room. I just glued them on a big piece of cardboard (the box of my new fridge)


Floppy Disk CD/DVD Case

Still got some 5 1/4″ floppy disks laying around? Use them to make nifty CD/DVD cases. Full instructions.

With old 5 1/4 floppy disks you can make cases for your cd & DVDs. You can use colors too! I bought them in a garage sales (1000 floppys for u$s 2). Only needs scicssors and adhesive tags for naming them


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