Not everyone likes to spend the weekend partying, some just like spending their time building things. If you fall into the latter category, these five tutorials will show you how to build some cool (non-lethal) weapons from everyday things. Continue reading to see more.

5. Mini BB Gun

Don’t you just hate those non-refillable (without using tricks) BIC mechanical pencils? Well, good news, you can transform it into a working BB gun that can actually crack a bottle. We don’t recommend bringing this to school, unless you plan on getting kicked out.

4. Paper Crossbow

Who would’ve thunk that paper could be turned into a viable weapon, and fairly easily? Meet the paper cross bow. According to its creator, the working mechanism for this crossbow is in the arms made of rolled paper and supported by tape; this crossbow can throw a pencil or pen a good 100 feet.

3. Mini Cannon

If you’ve got an old BBQ lighter laying around, this tutorial is just for you. That’s right, “the exact model lighter used in this video is a ‘grill zone flexable lighter’. Another lighter that will work well is the Scripto Aim ‘N Flame II Lighter, which is carried by Home Depot.”

2. Blu-ray Phaser

Finding a spare PS3 Blu-ray laser assembly from on eBay today will cost you less than $40, and a Star Trek phaser toy can be picked up at just about any toy store, or from online retailers, like Amazon. Now here’s how to transform those two things into a cool weapon.

1. $15 Airsoft Machine Gun

While this weapon may a require a trip to your local hardware store, you’ll be happy to know that the parts alone will only set you back roughly $15. Its creator says that this “model is also well suited for a backpack mounted air chamber to make it into a flamethrower design.”