With the budget-priced technology available these days, it’s not too hard to create an extravagant home theater without breaking the bank, but these five examples go above and beyond. Let’s just say that some of these home theaters cost more than many small houses. Continue reading for more.

5. Real Deal

In this 19-by-24-foot space, the owners lined the walls with specialty fabric paneling to evoke two very unique environments. Printed on one side of the room’s six panels are images of the Chicago skyline. Flip the panels over, and the scene changes to that of the Swiss Alps. “Both of these areas hold sentimental value to the homeowners,” explains Jeff Galea of Boca Theater and Automation, who contacted Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) in Boca Raton to create the reversible printed paneling.

4. Avatar

No ordinary audio/video system would do this space justice, another big beauty designed by First Impressions and installed by The Audiophile Group, Cayman Islands. A team of experts specified some of the finest products on the planet, including a $250,000 4K (4096-by-2400-pixel) projector from Meridian, a 210-inch-wide screen from Stewart Filmscreen and an all-digital Meridian surround-sound system featuring 10 speakers and seven subwoofers, all of which were carefully installed behind the acoustically treated walls and ceiling.

3. Movie Palace

This installation, which theater designer First Impressions Theme Theatres did in conjunction with systems installers Creative Media Designs and Definitive Electronics, features a reference-grade Digital Projection International Titan 1080p projector that fires beautiful high-def images at the 14-foot-wide CinemaScope aspect ratio Stewart screen, while a JBL Synthesis 7.1 sound system – with washing-machine-sized subwoofers – cranks out the soundtracks.

2. World’s Loudest Home Theater

How loud does your home theater go? There’s a pretty good chance it doesn’t get anywhere near as loud as Jeremy Kipnis’ home theater. His media room just won a spot in the Guiness World Records list for being the Loudest Personal Gaming System. How loud? This room gets to 132dB. Think of it like this, a jack hammer is about 120 dB, and a Boeing 747 (yes, the airplane) is 140dB. The Kipnis theater falls in between that.

1. Batman

“The Dark Knight themed custom home theater was actually a design concept we did free of charge for one of our previous clients, mainly just for fun,” Elite Home Theater Seating’s CEO Bobby Bala tells ComicBook.com. It features a 180-inch screen with Batsuits on each side. Behind the bookshelf is a hidden room that houses a replica Tumbler. Also in the room is a secret tunnel approximately 30 feet long that serves as the exit.


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