Farmhouses are usually associated with animals, but these five stunning examples have been transformed into modern living spaces. First up, we have a farmhouse conversion, located in Langenargen, Germany, that features floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of wood accents. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Farmhouse Addition

Implemented by Philadelphia-based studio Wyant Architecture, the project consists of a modern design addition to an existing 18th century farmhouse. The new residence meets these objectives by remodeling the existing structures and transforming them into home offices and bedrooms for children. The addition itself accommodates a generous family room and master suite, while acting as a “bridge”, directing the inhabitants towards the new outdoor patio. Abounding in natural light and displaying a variety of materials, each room of the house inspires an overall cozy feel.

4. L-Shaped

A more contemporary section was added to the existing house, creating a comfortable and spacious L-shaped living space. Both pavilions were built from red bricks, enhancing the feeling of the authentic rustic atmosphere. The more recent added section respects the line of tradition but it also brings modern nuances, such as wide floor-to-ceiling windows and a rounded arch-like rooftop. The Hawthbush Farm is in act a 140 acre organic farm, located in East Sussex, away from the dusty crowded urban streets.

3. Modern Barn

Built on a farm estate, the house designed by Emilio Eftychis, reminds us of where the raw materials were kept once. Despite its barn-like shape, the house has also typical South African details, reflecting the vernacular architecture. Verandas embellish the ground floor, showcasing a series of interesting openings.

2. Vermont

McLeod Kredell Architects completed the design of an interesting looking modern farmhouse located in Middlebury, Vermont, United States. The main challenge for the architects when planning Foote Farm House was adapting modern features to the restricted design dictated by regional laws. The residence was especially developed for a professional couple and features an office area with a high level of privacy.

1. 300-Year-Old Farmhouse

Having been almost burnt to the ground several years ago, this 300-year-old farmhouse (situated close to the town of Treia in the Le Marche region of Italy) has been completely reformed and rebuilt. The extensive, four-year renovation project entitled Casa Olivi was undertaken by the Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron and, as the building is protected by the Italian Cultural and History Administration.


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