It’s inevitable, falling asleep at work and / or school that is. Sometimes, even on a full night’s rest, you just get bored to the point of wanting to take a short nap to recharge. We’ve rounded up five funny products that aim to help you do just that in an inconspicuous manner. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Pillow-Tie

Tired of arm marks on your forehead after a random nap at work? Look no further than the “Pillow Tie”. This $19.95 accessory may not be the most stylish, but will most certainly let you sleep more comfortably during meetings. The Pillow Tie will also have your dad catching his breath literally because it has to be manually inflated. But hey, it’s better than having to lug around one of those portable-but-still-bulky neck pillows or having to lie on one of those uncomfortable throw pillows, right?

4. Tadpole Sleeping Bag

Want to look like a tadpole sleeping while you’re not supposed to at work / school? This sleeping bag is just for you. Unfortunately, “you’ve got a mobility that you could never get with a tradition sleeping bag, but what good is that without hands? Without the ability to pee?” No word yet on if this product is available stateside.

3. Eyelid Stickers

Why risk getting caught sleeping at work when you can wear these eyelid stickers? Put simply, “slap ’em on your closed eyelids and learn to sleep sitting up.” So you want to sleep at work. I can’t say that’s the brightest idea in the world, but who am I to judge? Let me help you out: if you want to sleep at your desk and also look really, really creepy while awake.

2. Cardboard Cutout

Having a cardboard cutout of yourself probably isn’t the best idea for desk jobs or at school, but some security guards, like the one above, definitely could benefit from a paper-based clone. However, we do recommend installing motion detectors on it, should burglars actually try knocking you down and / or shooting at it.

1. Box Fort

Who really pays attention to the stack of boxes in the corner? Probably only the shipping department and / or the employees who get paid to move them around. Well, one clever way to sleep inconspicuously is to hollow out the boxes and create a nice comfortable place for you to sit and snooze while on the job.

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