Kinect is a great way to get some exercise or just pass time with friends / family, but motion-controlled gaming isn’t entertaining for everyone, especially if you’re on the receiving end of a body blow. Continue reading to see five real Xbox Kinect FAILS captured on video.

5. The Slap

If someone is playing Kinect within 5-feet from where you’re at, be sure to quickly move aside before their game starts, otherwise you may end up getting slapped, and hard. Unfortunately, this person’s daughter felt the wrath of her father’s backhand unexpectedly.

4. Father and Son

There’s nothing like spending some quality time with your dad, but if playing Kinect games is on the checklist, don’t stand too close together…or else getting getting totally knocked out by way of an elbow will be next.

3. Wipeout

Ever watch “Wipeout” on television? If not, contestants basically try to complete obstacle courses in the quickest time. Unfortunately, there’s a home version out also that should definitely be played outdoors, since homes have ceilings.

2. Cat

Thank goodness that cats have nine lives, otherwise this kick might have done some major damage. It’s safe to say that any animal should be placed in a safe room where people aren’t playing motion-controlled games.

1. Height Matters

Height matters, or at least when you’re playing Kinect Sports, specifically Tennis. This lady got a little too into the game and didn’t realize that a little one was right next to her, which resulted in a quick slap.