Our editors have compiled a list of five gadgets you probably don’t want to be seen wearing out in public, or so we hope. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

Wearable Gaze Detector

Created by Manabe Hiroyuki, this “Wearable Gaze Detector” is equipped with tiny video cameras that track “your eye movements by detecting the changes in electrical potentials that happen when they move” and records what you’re looking at.

The idea is the Gaze Detector would record everything you’re looking at, so later on you could watch a movie of your day with an accompanying “attention marker” pointing out exactly what held your gaze. Paired with a Web browser, the program could automatically call up information on the objects you looked at


Techno Privacy Scarf

Developed by Joe Malia, this “Techno Privacy Scarf” supposedly protects your privacy when using portable devices in public areas — or at home.

How can you breathe in the thing? Well, if playing your handheld games or watching porn is more important than breathing, and you don’t mind looking like an anteater wearing a burqa, this scarf’s for you


Wearable Cell Phone Booth

Put simply, this wearable cell phone booth is one of the strangest accessories we’ve come across. Created by Jenny Chowdhury, it’s basically “a wearble object you can carry around with you and set up when you need a moment to talk”.

The project prompts people to take stock in how cell phone technology has altered the ways in which we communicate with each other and the environment surrounding us.


Shower Belt

The “Shower Belt”, designed by Carl Hagerling, can easily attach to any faucet with the buckle acting as a fully functional nozzle.

The shower belt offers the possibility of a more substantial cleansing that leaves the user as invigorated as he or she would be in any other shower. Practically any public restroom can be transformed into your own private space for washing and relaxing. Make use of the waiting time between transport to take a shower and feel fresh inside and out


Synthetic Human Skin Laptop Bags

This expensive ($601 USD), but striking laptop bag is made from synthetic human skin. The “Skinbag” is shock absorbant, has 1 cm padding (fabric lining), and 1 side pocket for all your accessories. It measures approx. 39 x 29 cm or 14 x 11 in. and doubles as a regular carrying bag.

“The bags dedicated to electronic machines are waterproof and proctective jackets and become autonomous organisms. They anticipate the fusion between the digital and the organic.”