Our editors have compiled a list of five high-tech bikes (bike accessories) you can actually buy — or very soon. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. Continue reading for the list.

Revo Power

For those who love/hate biking, check out “Revo Power”. This device is a motorized replacement bike wheel that “takes standard two-stroke fuel, the same stuff you fill your lawnmower with, and will add 15 pounds of weight to your bike.” Product page.

I’ve always wanted to combine my bicycle with an engine or motor, but I just don’t know if it would catch on. First of all, what would you call such a crazy contraption? An enginecycle? That would never catch on


Solar-Powered Bike

The “Solartrike” is a solar-powered bike that “can go 15-18mph and 10 miles per charge.” It sports either a 200W or 400W motor, 80W solar panel, and a 2×2 square steel frame. Prices here.

Some can be set up to go as fast as 25 miles per hour. They take 6-8 hours per charge. They can be custom designed

[via CycleSantaMonica]

Ktrak: Half-Ski, Half-Bike

Ktrak is a device that transforms “your two-wheeled dream into a rear-track machine with a single ski up front for steering.” Product page.

The track and the ski are made of reinforced polyurethane and the idler and main wheels are made of reinforced nylon. The track’s 2″ width provides plenty of surface area for gripping the snow and after installation, the kit will only add 5 to 7 pounds to your bike

Dekra D-Drive Chainless Bicycle

Dekra’s D-Drive puts a new twist on chain-driven bicycles by replacing the chain with an internal drive shaft for maximum safety and comfort. Priced at a reasonable $300, the D-Drive also comes with alloy linear-pull brakes, which gives the rider “greater control of speed and braking, no matter the terrain”. Available now from DyncaCraftStore.

Upright, ergonomic handlebars help reduce lower back stress. Shock absorbers in the seat and front forks work to control bumps. Thickly cushioned hand grips let you feel the road while reducing unpleasant vibrations



At just 12-pounds, Sinclair’s A-Bike is the world’s lightest folding bike and can be folded or unfolded in just 10-seconds. Product page.

Despite the tiny wheels, the bike can achieve normal speeds without forcing you to pedal like a madman. The completely enclosed chain system means that your pants cuffs won’t have the telltale grease marks of a bicycle commuter, also

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