Our editors have compiled a list of five high-tech motorcycles you can’t buy, or at least anytime soon. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

World’s First Fuel-Cell Motorcycle

ENV is the world’s first fuel-cell hydron powered motorcycle. Equipped with a “fully-integrated 1kW fuel cell generator providing power on demand directly to the drive-train,” the ENV can reach speeds of up to 50mph and run for approx. 4-hours without needing to refuel.

To enhance performance during peak power demand (ie when accelerating), the fuel cell is hybridized with a battery pack to provide a 6kW peak load to the motor. The result is a balanced hybrid concept which combines the main advantages of Intelligent Energy’s CORE fuel cell, hydrogen storage and battery technology

Chrysler Tomahawk V10 Motorcycle

This monster boasts a 500hp, 8.3L V10 engine from the Dodge Viper and is capable of speeds of up to 300+mph.

The 1,500-pound Tomahawk can reach 60 miles an hour in about 2.5 seconds. Each pair of wheels is separated by a few inches and each wheel has an independent suspension


Water-Powered Motorcycle

So you’ve seen the water-powered car and dune buggy, now check out this motorcycle. Steve Ryan claims to have “devised a method of using water used as fuel directly, in contrast to using water as a source of Hydrogen, which then serves as the combustable fuel.”

The inventor frequently emphasizes that his invention is ” . . . a water-based fuel ” (rather than the conventional electrolysis inferred on the web site). He also talks of the “entrainment” of hydrogen in the water. The bike was then started and filmed being ridden up to 50 mph on the highway, and at lesser speed around a commercial courtyard. According to the inventor, the carburettor had been only slightly modified. This was confirmed by a mechanic in the documentary

$25,000 Flying Motorcycle

Larry Neal, a former test pilot, created this flying motorcycle “called the Super Sky Cycle ” — “a cross between a motorcycle and an autogyro”.

The flying bike goes as fast as 70 mph in the air and 60 mph on the road, and sells for around $25 grand!


Chainsaw-Powered Motorcycle

The DOLMETTE is powered “24 DOLMAR chainsaw engines, fed into to a 5-speed Harley-Davidson transmission by a series of twelve toothed belts.”

For use in the Dolmette the engines were tuned and tweaked to deliver 5.2 kW of power (7.1 PS) at 10,000 rpm. Maximum torque delivery is 5.5 Nm at 7,750 rpm. When all 24 are combined, the result is a 24-cylinder power plant with a total displacement of 1.9 litres, a power output of 125 kW (170 PS) and 130 Nm of torque at the centrifugal clutches

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