Star Wars Speeder Bike

Google engineer Adam Woodworth wanted a Star Wars Speeder Bike, but creating a full-sized version from scratch would’ve taken far too long, that’s excluding the cost of building such a vehicle. So, he transformed a 1:6 scale Hasbro Power Of The Force series Speeder Bike into a working R/C quadcopter. He says: “The big challenge was to figure out how lift the whole thing, without making it look like just a big quad rotor tacked on. I did some layout in CAD, based off of an overhead picture of the model, and experimented with different rotor layouts that just barely cleared the rider and bike elements, kept the center of lift over the center of gravity, and was capable of lifting about 600grams. I ended up settling on a layout of four rotors, driven by 880kv 28mm motors.” Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading to see the five most popular viral videos of today, including how kids react to old VHS / VCR technology.

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