Believe it or not, the invention you see above is fully-electric and is basically a spherical drive motorcycle. It was designed by a engineering students consisting Max Ratner, Henry Li and Andrew Parmar. Their goal was to create a motorcycle that can be piloted by new riders without training, complete with an omnidirectional drive system. Continue reading for more.

5. Honda RC-E

Not just any motorcycle, the Honda RC-E was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and packs a 250cc engine, mated to an electric motor (unknown size). They’re paired with an Ohlin suspension system and Brembo brakes to help you stop on a dime.

4. VOLAR-e

The Volar-e is basically a two-seat sports coupe that sports a carbon-fiber body over a tubular chrome-moly steel chassis. This supercar uses an electric 4WD system that delivers a purported 1,000hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. The four electric motors are located along the centerline of the car instead of the hubs, which aims to reduce unsprung mass and improve handling.

3. BIGFOOT Monster Truck

Here’s a first: an electric monster truck. The E-BIGFOOT is powered by 36 ODYSSEY PC1200 car batteries, thirty of which power the custom-built DC electric motor that was developed by Phoenix-based motor builder Dennis Berube, says Gizmag. It puts out 350hp and more than 800 lb-ft of direct-drive torque.

2. Land Rover Defender Electric

The Land Rover Defender features a 94hp electric motor, paired with a 300 bolt lithium-ion battery that enables the all-terrain vehicle to travel for 50-miles on a single charge. It still shares some features with the original Defender, including the rugged four wheel drive system that will power it through just about any obstacle.

1. Electric DeLorean

Unlike the original, this model features a 200+ bhp electric motor, and not a wankel engine. One of the original De Lorean machines used in the shooting of the “Back to the future” film franchise sold for a whopping $541,200 at the Icons of Hollywood auction.