If you’re an extremely wealthy geek who just got their company bought out by a giant (Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, etc.), and want to start the summer off right, here are five incredible homes that will help you do just that. Starting off, we have the Casa Till House above, by WMR Architects, which is located in Chile. In addition to sliding walls and expansive ocean views, the home is fully solar powered. Continue reading to see them all.

5. TBONE House – Germany

Situated right next to the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, the TBONE House boasts two symmetrical living spaces that come complete with floor to ceiling windows, sleek heated brown slate floors run through the home, built-in leather cabinets and a glass-walled garage to top things off. It’s only fitting that the owner parks his beautiful 1974 Porsche Targa here for all to see.

4. Residence One – Seychelles

Created by the team at Studio RHE, Residence One is just one part of a project that will include 17 hilltop villas currently being developed on the island of Felicite in the Seychelles. Residence One has its very own moat, bridge, 13-foot tall doorway, two pools – one being a 50-foot infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean and the other, a glass-bottomed one inside the master bedroom.

3. Mirage House – Greece

Measuring a comfortable 198 square meters, the Mirage House was designed by the team at Kois Architecture, and sits high on a steep, rocky hillside on the beautiful Greek islands of Tinos. The interior is built directly into the hillside, and an infinity pool, provides the roof for the outdoor patio section. This design helps provide thermal insulation for the guests in addition to also protecting them from solar radiation.

2. Balor – Hong Kong

Based in the pricey Sai Kung district of Hong Kong, Balor just might be the ultimate bachelor pad, spanning several levels. It’s been divided into a collection of boxes, which feature a sunken kitchen, an elevated dining table, and even a living room showcase for a supercar. If you can afford this, we’re sure a LaFerrari will be the next hypercar showcased in your living room.

1. Dracula’s Castle – Romania

Yes, Dracula’s Castle is actually for sale, and here are the details: “New listing: 8 Bed/4 Bath castle near Transylvania…Built in the 13th century, but renovated in the early 90s…plenty of space…lots of old world charm…previous owner Prince Vlad III of Wallachia, aka Vlad The Impaler, was known for excessive cruelty, but the stench of 80,000 impaled souls is long gone now due to a newly remodeled kitchen and lanai…great play room for kids…asking $80 million or next best offer.”