Robots, for the most part, are just a novelty in the consumer market, but things are about to change. Companies all over the world have developed bots designed specifically to make your life easier. Continue reading to see five innovative examples.


Pets are nice to have around the house, but more often than not, they end up taking bathroom breaks at the most random times and places. Thankfully, there’s P.O.O.P. S.C.O.O.P., a robot designed to clean up these types of messes quickly and efficiently.

4. Avatar Robot

Unlike other robots, this one, developed by Japanese researchers, mimics the movements of its human controller is bringing the Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar” one step closer to reality.

3. Hair-Washing Robot

Washing your hair isn’t the toughest of tasks, but having someone else do it is just so much more relaxing. Panasonic presents the “Head Care Robot”. It features multiple arms to ensure that all of your hair is properly washed. Best of all, this robot sprays conditioner as well.

2. Ramen Robot

College students who can afford expensive robots rejoice! Sure, it still requires some user input (type of ramen, etc.), but this robot was designed specifically to cook you up a nice hot bowl of ramen noodles, complete with toppings. No word yet on if this bot will make it to the US.

1. AI Robot

How about a robot that could actually hold an intelligent conversation with you? Meet the AI robot. This guy not only can speak and respond intelligently, he learned as the conversation continues. Let’s just hope these robots don’t become self aware when they start mass producing them.

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