We have seen the future, and it’s filled with electric vehicles. Unfortunately, most electric vehicles out on the market today look just plain boring, but on the bright side, things are looking a lot better, thanks to some innovative designers. Continue reading to see five mind-blowing electric vehicles from the future.

5. Honda EV-STER

The Honda EV-STER, an electric rear-wheel-drive two-seater convertible sports car, is now more than just a concept as it’s heading for production. Its easy-to-operate twin-lever steering was adopted for the thorough pursuit of the joy of driving. Moreover, the new concept model enables the driver to make his/her own adjustments to some vehicle characteristics such as motor output and suspension settings, to embody the joy of maneuvering to the fullest extent.

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4. Peugeot BB1

We have seen the future of electric-powered micro cars, and it’s the Peugeot BB1. It’s “fitted with electric motors in the rear wheels, designed in association with Michelin. This original setup maximizes the interior space.” Access to the vehicle is through the inverted door opening mechanism, while boot access is through a tail board and a tailgate. The interior can be transformed as required to offer a load volume of 160 liters (with four occupants), rising to 855 liters (with just one person in the car).

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3. Eliica

Finally, an electric car that moves. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the Eliica is an eight wheeled vehicle that goes from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds and tops out at 230 mph. Technology doesn’t come cheap though, this car will set you back $260,000. Powered by eight in-wheel electric motors producing 60 KW or roughly 80 hp each, the Eliica will sprint to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and will power on to 100mph in just 3 seconds more. That’s faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo!


2. DeLorean

DeLorean fans rejoice! The DeLorean Motor Company of Texas has partnered with Epic EV to produce an all-electric DeLorean “rated for 260 horsepower with a maximum speed of 125MPH.” It’s expected to cost about six-figures, which sadly won’t include a Flux Capacitor, but you could always run the app for that with its in-console iPhone holster.


1. Nissan Leaf NISMO RC

Sure, the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC has a top speed of 93mph, powered by a 107hp electric motor, but aesthetically, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the standard model. Plus, it weighs just 2068-pounds, thanks to a carbon fiber chassis. The Leaf Nismo RC can do 0 to 60mph in 6.85 seconds, and can stay out on the track reaching speeds up to 93mph for about 20 minutes before running out of juice.

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