There’s no telling how motorcycles may look in the future, or exist for that matter, but one thing’s for sure, the current crop of designs are looking very promising. The image you see above is of the jaw-dropping Yamaha Tesseract. Continue reading to see them all.

5. AKIRA Motorcycle

This might not be Neo-Tokyo, but that sure looks like Shotaro Kaneda’s bike in cyberpunk anime Akira. Masashi Teshima from Fukuoka, Japan thought he’d like an Akira bike for himself and spent seven years and US$121,000 to make it. While there are other Kaneda bike projects, this one is officially recognized by Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo. And Teshima is riding the bike across the country to raise money for children’s autism.


4. BMW Concept 6

The reason behind the name Concept 6 is because the motorcycle sports an engine with six cylinders. The futuristic design features many different aerodynamic components. BMW says the new six-cylinder will output about the same range of horsepower as the current four-cylinder units. BMW also claims that the six-cylinder unit, which is equipped with a fully controlled catalytic converter, returns a better fuel economy than a comparable four-cylinder under normal touring conditions.


3. Mission R

The machine uses 14-kWh lithium-ion batteries paired with a 120-kilowatt motor, which means there’s around 161 horsepower on hand. Mission says the combination can get rider and machine to 60 miles per hour in around three seconds while scooting to a top speed of 160 mph. Not too shabby. The whole package weighs in at around 550 pounds and gives riders a range of 80-100 miles depending on how frisky they are with the throttle.


2. TRON Light Cycle

Transforming science fiction into reality, Parker Brothers Choppers have worked their magic to produce an absolutely stunning and custom-made Tron Light Cycle Motorcycle. An exact replica of the iconic virtual machine featured in the futuristic movie Tron, this custom chopper motorcycle is an impressive 8ft long, measuring 23 inches wide and weighing 215kg.


1. Yamaha Tesseract

Roughly the equivalent width of a regular motorcycle, the Tesseract is a hybrid vehicle powered by a liquid cooled V-twin 2 cylinder gasoline engine and an electric engine thus reducing emissions and protecting the environment. With a mantis like appearance, the dual scythe suspension allows stable turning while still allowing for motorcycle like banking. Built into the upper arms of the vehicle is a dual arm lock system which lets the Tesseract stand upright when parked without a kick-stand.


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