Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Hello Kitty like you’ve never seen the cat before in contact lens form. Even if you don’t need contacts, these are purely cosmetic and also comes complete with a themed case as well as box, making it a perfect gift for any Hello Kitty fanatic. One caveat: it’ll set you back $105 for a single set. Product page. Continue reading for more.

5. Chocolate Doughnut Camera

Donut Camera

The Chocolate Doughnut Camera is definitely more than meets the eye and looks exactly like the tasty treat you see at your local shop. Unlike its edible counterpart, this one is designed to take Instagram-style photos. There are several built-in filters for you to play with. Product page.

4. Kogao Double Face Mask

Face Mask Japan

Kogao’s Double Face Mask appears to be straight from the wrestling ring, but this bizarre product claims to help fight the signs aging. Apparently, in Japan, having a smaller face (kogao) is a symbol of beauty, and this is designed to apply pressure all across your visage and help keep your skin and muscles firm and youthful. Product page.

3. Magical Tooth Yaeba Snaggleteeth

Snaggleteeth Japan

Yaeba’s Snaggleteeth is very popular trend amongst Japanese girls, as they believe it will make them look like Kirsten Dunst, or the “Girl Next Door”. There are already cosmetic surgeons in Japan who deal specifically in making teeth “imperfect”, but even the smallest procedures will cost you a bundle. Fortunately, this product only requires you to make the mold using the powder, trim the size of the “teeth”, and you’ll be ready to slip the fake snaggles over your incisors for that Dunst look.Product page.

2. Midori Turk Computer Keyboard

Turf Keyboard

Midori’s Turf Keyboard looks exactly like it sounds, astroturf. The manufacturer states “,it uses electrostatic flocking technology to create the arresting lush grassy texture.” Plus, the keyboard is customized and made to order, making it a very unique addition to any workspace. Product page.

1. Remote Controlled Toilet

Remote Controlled Toilet

A remote-controlled toilet exists, and it’s from none other, than Japan. I mean when was the last time you’ve seen a moving toilet bowl on wheels, aside from certain porta potties? This little gadget not only looks the part, but as you can see in the video, moves quite fast too. There appears to be enough room in the bowl to transport things, if that’s your type of thing.