Whether it be a geeky wrist watch, the love formula, or even a wild exponential function, geeks will find methods to use math in creative ways that normal people never thought possible. Continue reading to see five of the geekiest examples.

5. Princess Castle

Have you always wondered when the princess is in another castle while playing Super Mario Bros.? Well, wonder no more. This geeky gamer has solved the mathematical equation.

4. Pop Quiz Clock

On this nifty Pop Quiz Math Clock from Amazon, “each hour is marked by a simple math problem — solve it and solve the riddle of time.” Or, you can just know that 52 – x2 + x = 10″ happens to live in the “7 o’clock” position and be done with it.

3. Love Formula

Ok, so math in most cases isn’t fun. However, if more equations turned out like “The Love Formula” above, things just might be more bearable in school / work. Unfortunately, being able to solve this equation does not equate to actually finding your soulmate.

2. A Wild Exponential

The exponential function is probably better left in text books than Pokemon games, but if a wild equation were to appear, be sure to not use differentiate. One caveat: it would be very hard to capture a wild exponential in a Pokeball.

1. Batman Equation

Yes, a Batman Equation actually exists, and once answered, the resulting graph looks like a real bat-symbol. For those with a graphing calculator, feel free to try it out for yourself, and then post it online for the internet to marvel at.

Bonus – Multiplication Trick