Most people would consider any home priced above $1-million as extravagant and expensive, but just wait until you see the cost of these super luxurious homes. The images above depict Mukesh Ambani’s $1-billion, 27-story tower in Mumbai, India. Continue reading to see more.

5. The Penthouse at One Hyde Park – London ($200-Million)

This massively stylish modern penthouse may not be so expensive did it not sit atop the famous number 1 Hyde Park address. As it is in such a premium location it has been built as a home for the rich and famous complete with SAS guard, bullet proof windows, iris scanners, panic rooms and a secret tunnel to the nearby Mandarin Hotel. The building has communal spas, squash courts and wine tasting rooms, and the penthouse is served by 24 hour room service.

4. Park Place – Great Britain ($222-Million)

The Franco-Italian mansion once belonged to Frederick Prince of Wales, the eldest son of George II and more recent owners included John Latsis, a Greek shipping billionaire, the local council which ran it as a school and a couple of developers that intended to turn it into a country club.

Rooms of the main house still have the original huge stone fireplaces and stained glass windows and the original sale also included several other properties, including three houses, 10 tenanted cottages and eight other in need of renovation. During the French revolution, the property’s owner back then developed large caves beneath the property into a chamber that can be reached through a tunnel and six vaulted openings.

3. Villa Leopolda – France ($525-Million)

Villa Leopolda is an 80,000 square foot Chateuau built in 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium. The villa has been rumoured to be the home of Bill Gates and many more global figures, but has actually been home to French banker Edmond Safira, whose wife Lily still lives there. The 19 bedroom villa, which boasts sports courts, a bowling alley, multiple kitchens, dining rooms and a movie theatre, received even more press lately when a Russian mogul lost his deposit on the property when he reneged on completing the sale.

2. Antilia – India ($1-Billion)

Until recently, this 27-story, 400,000 square foot ‘home’ was the world’s most expensive. It was built by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, and requires 600 staffers to function. It’s got all the usual mansion features, plus three helipads, a 168-car parking garage (Ambani is a collector), and an ice room that produces snow flurries.

1. Gold House – Switzerland ($12-Billion)

More than 200,000 kilograms of precious metal is used to bring in the bling element. Stuart Hughes has teamed up with Kevin Huber of exklusivHAUS of Zug Switzerland for a client who could afford to shell out an astounding amount to dwell in the most unique and most expensive house.

The exclusivity bar is further raised by using meteoric stone with shavings of original Dinosaur bone from the 65 million year of Raptor, the T-REX right throughout the flooring. Coming back to the basic features that define a house, this uber-opulent den spreads well to accommodate eight rooms with special wine stone cellar and a garage with four parking places.

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