File this under: luxurious gadgets. So, you’re thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 5, or just buying another one for the heck of it, and have an unbelievable amount of money to burn? Then these five ultra luxurious iPhone 5 handsets and cases might be just what you’re looking for. Continue reading to see them all.

5. CAVIAR by Lamborghini

The notable highlight of the model ‘2006,811 are the logo and plaque covered with gold or ruthenium, which is a dark, almost black metal of the platinum group that doesn’t dissolve in acids. The rear panel of the CAVIAR iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo has been crafted with tempered MPE titanium grade DIN 3.7145, laser engraving TiTouch – Cella, and automobile carbon Battaglin.

4. The Desert Edition

Known to be the world’s first leather covered iPhone 5, the Desert Edition impressively boasts a certified ‘Mississippi Alligator’ back, which is both incredible to touch and beautiful to look at. Notably, in order to accommodate this sumptuous leather while keeping the iPhone5’s thickness unchanged, the Golden Dreams’ R&D team actually re-engineered the entire back using cutting-edge Swiss Micro engineering.

3. 24K Gold iPhone 5 by Gold & Co.

All buttons and bezels are hand-polished to a mirror finish then plated in a multi-layer process topped off with 24kt gold to ensure end-to-end coverage and worry-free durability. Each limited-edition item is individually numbered to ensure exclusivity.

2. CalypsoCrystal ($100,000)

The case has been exquisitely crafted of 18kt white gold and set with a total of 2,830 natural blue Ceylon sapphires, totaling 169.8 carats. Further, the most recognizable and iconic Apple logo is set with 38 exceptionally colored natural rubies which totals 2.28 carats, and the Apple’s leaf comes in a single marquise cut natural green sapphire.

1. London Lotus ($302,985)

Adorned with 18-carat rose gold, dazzling pink and white diamonds, this sparkling jewelry-like London Lotus iPhone case was presented by 26-year-old Mischa Barton while showing off her own, reasonably-priced iPhone case designs for the British brand.

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