Most children and teenagers spend a great deal of time surfing the internet, watching television, hanging out with friends, but these five prodigies do much more than just your daily activities. They range from pool and piano prodigies, to a self-taught engineering whiz. Continue reading for more.

5. 5-Year-Old Keith (Pool Prodigy)

Though Keith O’Dell may only be 5-years-old, he’s a bonafide pool-playing prodigy. He can pocket balls like a pro; the sport is in Keith’s genes, as his parents play pool, his grandparents play pool, the family even eats dinner on the pool table.

4. 9-Year-Old Gavin (Piano Prodigy)

Gavin, a seemingly normal 9-year-old kid, is capable of deftly playing some of the most difficult piano pieces ever. He’s already composed and performed at prestigious concerts all around the world. In this clip you’ll see his genius, consuming drive, but also the naivete and playfulness of an ordinary child his age.

3. 9-Year-Old Gabby (Tennis Prodigy)

Nine-year-old Gabby Price just might be the next great American champion. This video shows Gabby as she trains with legendary coach Rick Macci – a former coach of the Williams sisters, Maria Sharapova, and Jennifer Capriati – and competes successfully in a national tournament with much older, stronger girls.

2. 8-Year-Old Tanishq (College Prodigy)

Unlike other 8-year-olds, Tanishq is a science / physics prodigy who contemplates the fate of the universe, attends college classes, and discovers super novae. This video shows him on his quest for knowledge, while meeting the family and teachers who cultivate his genius.

1. 15-Year-Old Kelvin (Engineering Prodigy)

Kelvin Doe is a 15-year-old engineering prodigy from Sierra Leone who searches trash bins for spare electronic parts, which he utilizes to build batteries, generators and transmitters. The most surprising thing? He’s completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus.

Honorable Mention – 17-Year-Old Greg

Greg Grossman is set to become the next great chef. At age 8, he was already working in the kitchens, and catering high-end parties and charity events by age 12. He’s cooked in over 40 restaurants alongside some of the greatest chefs, and started his own culinary development company — all by 17th birthday!