It’s probably ever kids’ dream to become a real-life comic book character, and these five homemade weapons (though not all are functional) will allow them to do just that, with the proper parental supervision of course. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Drake (Aliens) Flamethrower Gun

Believe it or not, this awesome flamethrower gun – what Drake used in Aliens – took YouTube user “AnselmoFanZero” just two-hours to complete. It was made from with a “spray-boy” can-holder, some electrical parts, and a small ignition-coil that’s driven by a simple NE555-circuit feeding a 2-stage-multiplier.

4. Cyclops Visor

Comic book fans know that Cyclops from the X-Men series “wears a battle visor with a single, ruby-quartz lens running eye-to-eye; the resulting one-eyed appearance is why he is codenamed ‘Cyclops.'” This fan decided to make his own with a variety of things he found online.

3. Pyro Flamethrower

This wrist-mounted flamethrower, called the Prometheus device, would be the perfect complement to these homemade Wolverine claws, turning you into a hybrid X-Men of sorts.

2. Animatronic Wolverine Claws

Yes, becoming Wolverine has just become a lot easier, sans the adamantium skeleton. According to its creator, YouTube user “Dragonstud”, these are “forged stainless steel animatronic wolverine claws with suminagashi steel blades – all hand made at”

1. Batman Tumbler

Michigan man Bob Dullam, a special effects artist, built this movie-perfect Batman Tumbler replica from scratch. That’s not all, he began the build process even before Batman Begins was released in theaters. It’s powered by a GM 350 V8 ZZ4 engine reverse-mounted in the rear of the vehicle, mated to a TCI Turbo Sizzler 3-speed transmission with a SCS counter rotation unit.

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