Thanks to advances in technology, building real Transformer robots really isn’t that far-fetched anymore, or at least one a miniature scale. These range from Humvee-inspired creations to some that defy words. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Humvee Bioloid

Created by YouTube user “balhan00”, this transforming robot actually resembles a real-life car, the Humvee, and has a built-in camera to boot. That’s not all, it can also be programmed to dance along to music.

4. Cherubim

Robot-Force introduces Cherbium, a transforming robot that’s touted as being flexible. While it can’t double as a remote-controlled car, this bot is most certainly strong enough to knock over a filled bottle.

3. Layered-X

At first glance, it may look like a creepy mechanical spider, but at the push of a button, this robot turns into a headless humanoid that loves swinging its arms. Apparently, this robot’s side job is a gymnast, as it’s quite flexible.

2. Cog

Researchers at National Taiwan University have built a real-life transformers-inspired robot that boasts wheels that fold in half to form crude legs so it can go where no wheeled robot has gone before.

1. Vision Eight

“Vision Eight” may not be a human-sized robot, but it definitely can transform from a car into humanoid form in mere seconds. It took the researchers at JS Robotics eight tries before finally coming up with a working model. While we won’t be seeing it in an upcoming Transformers movie, this “Sideswipe twin was built by Kenji Ishida from JS Robotics. He used 22 servomotors to help make the transformation.”


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