April Fools Gadgets

ThinkGeek is back at it again, and some of their April Fools Day’ products could become a reality, or so we hope. First, we have the Game of Thrones Clue, which includes a game board, 48 player pieces, 48 weapons, 126 cards (suspect, weapon, and location), 2 d6, confidential folder, inspector pads, and instructions. Next up, EnCounter, a wearable interactive quest that uses algorithms to “translate your steps, distance, heart rate, movements, active time, and idle time into roleplaying metaphors to challenge and encourage you.” One of our favorites is the Power Wheels Desert Drifters. These miniature vehicles let your kids enjoy the insanity-inducing road chases of the Mad Max movies – 5 to 7.5mph forward and 5mph in reverse. Have a cat and love Voltron? The Voltron Cat Condo is just for you, as it’s almost “6-feet of sci-fi magnificence for you and your cat(s) – includes 8 fleece-covered play tunnels.” Lastly, we have the DoItYourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig, which takes a full 360&Deg; selfie around your head, and supports 12 cameras that work together with a free app that stitches together the photos. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading to see the five most popular viral videos of today, including Google’s SmartBox.

5. Google SmartBox

4. Bad Jokes Galore

3. Action Movie Kid

2. How to Make Bismuth Crystals

1. Snacking with Homer Simpson

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