Our editors have a compiled a list of five strange exercise gadgets for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

Human Car

The HumanCar’s “steel tube space frame chassis features a bi-lateral human power interface and front passenger body-steering capabilities — designed to follow transportation efficiency guidelines.”

Several downhill time trial runs have had the car above 60+mph with incredible handling and BodySteer characteristics. First production batch will contain 6500 HumanCars. Price: 600 US dollars


Treadmill Bike

In addition to being a mode of transportation, “The Treadmill Bike” by Bike Forest also functions as a calorie burning, exercise machine.

The Treadmill Bike’s hard wearing belt offers a sure grip while protecting your feet from dirt and other contaminants commonly found on the earth’s surface

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For those who spend most of their time at the computer, check out the “Geek-a-Cycle”. This innovative device combines “the functionality of a regular desk with the exercise-giving goodness of a stationary bike.” Available now for $350.

Just sit there, typing away at your spreadsheets or whatever it is you do, and all the while bike the equivalent of the Tour de France. Just make sure you keep a towel and some Old Spice handy, as no one wants to work with someone who smells like a locker room


Powerbook Cycle

Here’s an interesting exercise gadget: strapping your Powerbook down to a stationary bike — perfect for those long, boring workouts.

Don’t you just get bored to tears while exercising? Well, you’ve got two options: First, you can do what I do…don’t exercise. Or, you can follow OndraSoukup’s lead and strap a Powerbook to your stationery bike


Rocket Boots

These “Rocket Boots” allow you to “run at 25 miles per hour and take strides of 12 feet.” Plus, it “can also use biofuels, such as biodiesel, vegtable oil, SVO, waste vegtable oil (WVO).”

The boots were created by a russian scientist Viktor Gordeyev. Each boot includes a single diesel cylinder which is powered by diesel fuel


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