Let’s face it, life isn’t a walk in the park, and when times get tough, people perform a variety of activities, like exercise, watch movies, eat, etc., to get their mind off things. If one of those activities should be drinking, these five gadgets and accessories will allow you to do so anywhere.

5. Reef Sandal

While we don’t condone or recommend drinking out of a sandal, this gadget allows you to do just that. Simply fill it up at home, pop out the needle, and you’re ready to start boozing your life away.

4. Coca-Cola Sleeve

Unless you’re holding this can in your hand, you’ll be hard-pressed to find out that it’s actually a beer. This accessory should definitely not be used in any kind of vehicle, as just the scent of alcohol alone will be enough to give away that it’s not soda.

3. Beer Belly

Think of the Beer Belly as a Camelbak for your stomach. It’s basically a giant front-facing pouch, complete with straw, that can easily be concealed with a shirt. One size should fit all, that is unless…you are having a really bad day and decide to wear two – both front and back.

2. Flask Tie

Inside this seemingly normal tie, there’s a hidden pouch that can store up to 8-ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Having a bad day? Just use the built-in straw and take a few (or many) sips.

1. Beer Beard

This may look clever at first, but the straps that go over your ears is a dead giveaway that it’s more than just a costume accessory. On the other hand, getting drunk at costume parties is now easier than ever with the Beer Beard.