Shipping containers are great for transporting cargo, and apparently, also for building things. For example, above, we have a real shipping container hotel by Geoffrey Stampaert. It consists of 7 shipping containers acting as different components of a real hotel: a lounge, sauna, kitchen and breakfast space. Each room has all of the sleeping essentials: bed, bathroom, shower and even air conditioning to boot. Continue reading to see more.

5. Zigloo

Built from 8 varying 20-foot containers, this residence is sitting at 1,920 square feet. A mixture of salvaged, new and upcycled pieces all makes up the unique beauty of the space. Designer Keith Dewey crafted this home with the intent of showing off a new way to live, without compromising space, form or quality.

Dewey’s home has a pretty eclectic interior, with great finishes and fixtures – including a beautiful footed tub. Not something you would typically expect from a shipping container, further proving his point.

4. Port-a-Bach

The Port-a-Bach container home is a prime example of beauty in upcycled design, starting with an empty shipping container.

The box sized space allows the users to create rooms within the large open living space, and sleeps 4 comfortably with a double bed and 2 fold out bunk beds. The counter space and storage is limited but it possesses a beautiful aesthetic when completely unfolded.

3. Studio

At a mere 270 square feet, this awesome shipping container design for a studio office is nothing to scoff at. For just three partners in architecture, the space is small but placed in an unparalleled setting.

Victoria, Australia is home to this tight knit and close working landscape and architect team. The interior isn’t completely squished� since the desking is built in and facing outward to the orchard there is more implied interior space for mobility. A small meeting area serves for spreading out plans and delving deeper into the drawings and projects.

2. Office

The Sugoroku Office appears to be a construction site, with 8 modules neatly stacked atop one another in a cube like situation. The notch out at the top serves for a small, semi private balcony.

Daiken Met Architects crafted the office within a steel frame where the sections are easily taken apart and moved if need be. The exterior of the containers are almost untouched, with orange construction netting utilized for railing and visual interest.

1. Aether Store

Aether Apparel in San Francisco has taken their shop to all new heights (literally) with their three stacked shipping container design by Envelope A+D in collaboration with Chris French Metal.

By taking standard sized containers and offsetting them, they create cantilevered sections on the second and third stories. Glass casements allow for another architectural element to show off the structure and its upcycled nature.