Apple’s MacBook Air is a workhouse laptop for mobile warriors, and that includes in the kitchen. Sure, it’s not practical, or even recommended, to use the device as a knife of sorts, but people on the adventurous side figure that they have nothing to lose. Continue reading to see five more things you can cut with the MacBook Air.

5. Pizza

Pizza is a great anytime snack, and in most cases, people do not need any utensils to enjoy a slice or two. However, it’s good to know that if you ever do come across the need, and have a MacBook Air handy, the laptop will be all you need to slice the pie, and quite elegantly might we add.

4. Mushrooms

Who doesn’t love mushrooms in their salad? Ok, quite a few of you, but that doesn’t discount the fact that eating whole mushroom can be hard on the chompers, or if they’re raw at least. As you can see in the video above, a MacBook Air doubles very nicely as a mushroom-slicing tool.

3. Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy)

Chinese cabbage, also known as bok choy, is actually related to the turnip, for those who’ve never seen, tasted, or heard of this vegetable, and contain high amounts of Vitamin A, along with Vitamin C. If you’ve ever tried to cut any kind of cabbage, you know that a sharp knife is needed, and apparently, the MacBook Air fits the bill.

2. Shrimp

A laptop owner’s worst nightmare would probably be to get raw seafood on their beloved device, but not this person. To show off just how sharp the notebook’s edges are, they decided to get down and dirty with one raw shrimp by deveining it.

1. Apple

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Apple MacBook Air cutting an actual apple. Surprisingly enough, the laptop cuts sharply through the apple, without so much as even a slight struggle, though we do have to admit that the cuts aren’t of the highest quality.

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