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There’s a fine line between using Facebook as a social media service and a full blown addiction. One thing’s for sure, if any of these weird Facebook products are on your wishlist, you may fall under the latter. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Facebook Profile Dress

Just can’t leave the house without a Facebook-enabled device? Now, you can leave with a stylish dress, in addition to your smartphone / laptop. Best of all, it may help you get a few real-life friend requests.


4. Facebook “Like” Tip Box

Unlike other tip jars, this one not only looks awesome, but will help you save too. Placing it in a highly trafficked area like the office will either net you lots of coins, or empty handed after someone decides to swipe the box.


3. “Like / Dislike” Stamps

Facebook fans know that the company has upgraded its “Like” button to make it easier for users to share things, but what if there was a stamp that worked the same way in real-life? Meet the “Like” and “Dislike” stamp set, priced at $12.99. Whether it be homework or sticky note, let everyone know how you really feel. At 3 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide, each stamp is good for 5,000 shares.

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2. Facebook Bed

This might be a concept for now, but the Facebook Bed is designed to keep you connected even while sleeping. Get a status update in the middle of the night? No worries, you’ll have keyboard in hand. One caveat: this bed looks like it’s designed mainly for children, which could only mean one thing – lots of annoying updates, including “I’m telling mom…”.


1. Social Shower Curtain

File this under: funny Facebook products. The “Social Shower Curtain” is exactly as it sounds, a shower curtain designed to look like a real Facebook page. Nobody should be left out, and that includes inanimate objects, like your shower curtain. Yes, there’s even real updates and a friends list to boot.