Now that you’ve seen these bizarre Mars sightings, we decided to post a followup of even more weird outer space anomalies and oddities by popular demand – some of which were sent in by our very own readers. This round includes purported secret Apollo missions, as well as a possible message found in a radio signal from Saturn. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Liquid Water on Europa

In a potentially significant finding in the search for life beyond Earth, scientists studying data from NASA’s Galileo probe have discovered what appears to be a body of liquid water the volume of the North American Great Lakes locked inside the icy shell of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The water could represent a potential habitat for life, and many more such lakes might exist throughout the shallow regions of Europa’s shell, say researchers writing in the journal Nature.

4. UFO Near the Sun

On April 24, a camera on NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory seems to have captured the image of something very large and artificially constructed hovering perilously close to our solar neighbor. The NASA video shows something that looks like a huge, sectioned object with some sort of lengthy attached mechanical arm.

3. Brown Dwarf Star

…is estimated to be 4 times the size of Jupiter, or 44 Earth’s wide, or the size of 5200 Earths with a debris tail over 5 million miles long on an orbit around our Sun. This massive object is following close behind Comet Elenin and is expected to show up shortly afterwards possibly in 2012-13.

2. Speech in Radio Signal from Saturn

I just wanted to thank everyone for their input..good and bad… I still have no idea yet what this is…I innocently raised it 12 tones and this is what appeared. I dont mean it to be ‘scare-mungoring’ its just to my mind (as a musician) it has definite patterns to the ear..whether speech, asteroids, magnetic waves, im not qualified to say, but all I know is…its an interesting pattern…JVD. Speech patterns have been found in a radio signal released by NASA almost 3 years previously in 2004.

1. Mona Lisa

William Rutledge is retired and now lives in Africa. He recently came out to reveal some amazing facts about his involvement with NASA in the late 70s. Rutledge claims to have worked on at least two missions to the Moon, including the failed Apollo 19, and the Apollo 20, which he says was launched in August of 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Both of these missions, according to Rutledge, were “classified joint Space missions” resulting from collaborations between U.S. and Soviet governments. They do not appear on any roster of NASA missions — and, if this is true — for good reasons.

The purpose of these missions was to investigate a large object on the far side of the moon in the Delporte-Izsak region, allegedly discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission. The object, which vaguely resembled an “X-Wing” fighter as seen in the Star Wars films, was supposed to have been a very large alien spacecraft which had crashed or was otherwise abandoned on the Moon in ancient times.

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