Wearing specially engineered in-line skates, daredevil Dirk Auer attempted a stunt like no other at Trips Drill theme park in Stuttgart, Germany. He reached speeds in excess of 90 kph while skating the 860 meter track in just over one minute. Here’s what he has to say: “This was a very dangerous stunt because there were so many factors to consider. If the skates were to catch a stray nail then I could have fallen and I would almost certainly have died.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Dirk spent at least two months planning the outrageous stunt as well as designing / making the monster skates, which took a total of 110-hours. He used 16 rolls on each shoe, and “when I reached the first drop I was 30 metres high and this allowed me to reach speeds of 90 km/h on descent,” according to Dirk.


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