File this under: funny FAILS. The weekend may be coming to a close, but just in case you have a DIY project planned for the following weekends, here are sixty examples of how not to fix things, starting with the computer and car above. Continue reading to see more – plus a bonus video and interesting construction facts about the 2012 London Olympics.

Interesting 2012 Olympics Construction Facts:

  • 75,000 firms were involved in the construction.
  • The Village achieved a 44% reduction in carbon emissions and a 30% reduction in water usage.
  • Of the five buildings in the Village, the shortest time frame for construction was 15 months for the basketball arena, and the longest was six years for the aquatic center.
  • The Olympic Stadium was built using over 6,500 cubic meters (that’s almost 230,000 cubic feet) of concrete recycled from other Olympic venues.
  • Brazil may buy the basketball arena for the 2016 Olympics.
  • Costs to build the buildings ranged from $47 million to $758 million.

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